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Dog/Goat/Mini Horse Cart w seat $399


This cart is great for a medium to large dog, goat, or mini horse under 32″. Weighs 70lbs. Has a third wheel so there is no weight pushing down on the animal. Should be removed for horses. Cart can be balanced without the third wheel. Comes with brake rub for more control.

Dog cart with seat

Springs under the seat make a comfortable ride. A team pole can be used instead of shafts, for two dogs. Shafts and team pole can be interchanged. Click here to order the team pole.

 Shafts adjust up and down for shorter and taller animals. They also adjust in length from 42-48″. Free dog cart training flyer comes with each cart. 1 hour assembly time. Some assembly tools are included. Powder coated.

Ships FedEx for $65 anywhere in the US.

Shipping to Canada ranges between $160-$200, duties approx $75.

These fees will be added after your order is placed.


Seat Shafts Wheels Colors
Black vinyl
42″-48″ long
14″ width
21″ height
20″ 225lbs wt limit Black


(Please allow 1 week for delivery. Additional charges will apply on international shipments.)




Tip: You can attach milk jugs, half full of water, to the traces of the harness and let the dog pull them around. Giving treats will encourage them to move forward. We do include basic cart training techniques with every cart ordered.
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